A Portable Potty For Your Holiday Party?

4 November 2016
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If you are worried about bathroom facilities for your upcoming holiday party, there are some ways to add this guest convenience—without remodeling your home! Cut the line at your bathroom during your celebration by providing guests with another facility to use; consider the following portable toilet suggestions: Call a portable toilet rental company. Before you rule out the idea that a portable toilet might be just what you need for your big holiday party, know that there are many styles to pick from and not all look like a portable toilet that you might see at a construction site. Read More 

Tips For Replacing A Washing Machine Hose

10 August 2016
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Chances are that your home has a washing machine. One thing to be aware of is maintenance, since a broken hose could cause your home to become flooded with water. Thankfully, an old hose is easy to replace on your own if you follow these tips. Prepare The Washing Machine Start by disconnecting your home's washing machine, which involves disconnecting the electricity and then shutting off the water valves for both hot and cold water. Read More 

3 Causes Of Clogged Drains

2 August 2016
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Among the many problems that can cause you a headache in the plumbing department, clogged drains are among the most common. Luckily, they're also among the easiest problems to identify and prevent. Read on and discover just a few of the most common causes of clogged drains, and learn just a few ways to take measures against such problems from occurring. Food and Cooking Oil Although many people associate clogged drains with the bathroom and the bathroom alone, your kitchen sink can just as easily become clogged. Read More 

Effective Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

25 July 2016
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When winter arrives, you want your home to be ready with consistent hot water, an HVAC system that is working properly, and a roof that is ready to handle snow, hail, and heavy winds. Before the season arrives is the time when you should start preparing for the drop in temperatures and increase in inclement weather. Here are some different ways to do that. 1. Install Solar Lights Outside During the winter season, you will be using a lot more energy than other times of the year due to needing more lights on when it gets dark and turning the heater on frequently. Read More 

Animals in Your Toilet: What Do You Do?

15 July 2016
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Of all the horrible things that can happen to you in the bathroom, weighing yourself is not the worst. Sometimes, a creature can actually make it's way into the toilet bowl. This is a terrifying and simply gross occurrence. You don't have to live in a particularly pest-infested area for this to happen either. Sometimes proximity to a basement is enough. You do need to recognize the danger and know how to react. Read More