5 Reasons to Have Cracks in Your Foundation Sealed

11 January 2021
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When you see cracks in your foundation, call a foundation repair contractor to inspect them. Cracks in concrete are fairly common, and they don't always mean your foundation is in danger. A contractor can tell by the way the cracks look and run whether they are signs of a serious problem with your foundation. However, even if the cracks don't mean your foundation is in immediate danger, you should still have them sealed. Here's why.

1. Cracks Let In Moisture

Cracks can let water and water vapor in your basement. If you store things in the basement or if your basement is finished and you use it as a living space, then sealing cracks is important for keeping your basement dry. The contractor might seal them by injecting epoxy in the cracks to keep water and vapor from leaking through.

2. Cracks Might Get Worse

An important reason to have all the cracks sealed in your foundation is so the cracks don't spread and get worse. Concrete moves along with the weather conditions and that movement might cause the cracks to spread. When the contractor injects epoxy in the cracks, this stabilizes the cracks. A type of epoxy is used that can move along with the concrete so the epoxy lasts a long time. Sealing the cracks with epoxy also keeps water out of the cracks. Water in the cracks can freeze and expand when temperatures drop, and this can make the cracks even worse.

3. Cracks Could Let In Radon

Radon rises up through the soil. It's naturally present in many places, and the only way to know if your home is affected by radon is to test for it. If the foundation of your home has cracks, radon might seep through the cracks and collect in your home to unsafe levels. Sealing cracks helps keep radon from getting in your house.

4. Cracks Let In Bugs

Bugs can get through even tiny cracks. Bugs like termites, ants, spiders, and even roaches can get through cracks and invade your basement. If your basement is damp, dark, and quiet, bugs may move in and become a problem in the upper levels of your home too.

5. Cracks Are An Eyesore

If the cracks can be seen on the outside of your house, they can be an eyesore. You may want them filled just to improve the appearance of your house. The appearance of cracks on the inside may not bother you as much, especially if no one goes in your basement, but it's still important to have them filled so you'll have peace of mind your home is protected from radon, water leaks, and pests.

Filling in cracks is an affordable foundation repair when compared to having a slab lifted or piers put in, so it's worth calling a contractor to have cracks taken care of before they get worse. Click here for more info on foundation repair.