4 Situations Where You Might Need Sewer Line Repairs

10 November 2020
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If you're having problems with your toilet clogging or sewer odors on your property, you might need to repair or replace your sewer line. A sewer line that has problems can be a major inconvenience since you may need to have it snaked out regularly until you have the line repaired. This can be especially true when tree roots invade. Here are four situations when you might need to repair your sewer line.

1. When the Line Collapses

If you have an old clay or metal pipe that is in such bad shape that part of the pipe cracks and collapses, you won't have any choice but to have sewer line repairs done. If you don't, sewage could fill your yard and create an odor and health hazard. Your city may even force you to repair a line that's leaking on your property and fine you if you don't.

2. When You're Selling Your Home

If the sewer line is old, corroded, leaky, clogging, and giving other problems, you may need to fix it before you can sell your home. You might just disclose the problem and sell your home for less, but when you want the most out of your house, and you want your home to be the most appealing to buyers, you may decide repairing the sewer line before you list your home is the best solution.

3. When You're Tired of Frequent Clogs

A clogged sewer line affects more than just your toilet. All the drains in your home could become slow to drain or clogged. If you're calling a plumber frequently to clear out the sewer line, it may be time to have the line repaired so tree roots stay out for good.

4. When Repairs Cost Less Than Replacement

When your sewer line breaks or collapses, you might consider having the old pipe dug up and replaced with a new one. That often isn't necessary, and you could avoid having to dig a big trench in your yard if you choose sewer line repair instead.

Spot repairs might be possible, and this entails just digging in an isolated area of your yard to reach the damaged area of the pipe. Pipe lining is another possible option for repairs. This doesn't require digging up the old pipe at all. Instead, a liner is fed through the old pipe that hardens into a new pipe once it cures. This leaves you with a new pipe without having the disruption of destroying your lawn.

For more insight, contact sewer line repair contractors.