A Few Things To Know About Getting A Water Softener For Your Home

22 October 2020
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If you're tired of dealing with hard water scale in your home, then it's time to get a water softener. A water softener eliminates hard minerals in your water so there is less scale buildup and the water feels silky to the touch. There are many benefits of having soft water in your home, such as cleaner laundry and an easier to clean shower. Here's what you should know about having a water softener in your home.

Buy According To Grain Capacity

A plumber can calculate the water softener size you need based on the number of people in your family, your water use habits, and the hardness of your water. The degree of hardness is typically measured in grains per gallon of water. The capacity of a water softener is measured by how many grains the appliance can remove before it needs a regeneration cycle.

Compare Models And Features

Once you know the grain capacity you need, you can compare various softener models. Manufacturers vary in the features they provide. You can buy an affordable unit with no extra features, but you might prefer a model that has things like a touch screen, indicator lights for adding salt and other maintenance needs, and the ability to program the unit. Added features aren't essential, but they make operating the softener more convenient, and they might help save money on salt over time.

Consider Adding A Filter

A water softener doesn't do anything but cause a reaction between salt and minerals to turn water from hard to soft. If you have well water, or even if you have city water, you might want a water filter too. A filter gets rid of sediment, rust, cysts, and other particles in the water before it enters the softener. This helps purify the water, but you might also need an additional filter for your kitchen faucet that purifies the water even more for drinking.

Get Professional Installation

A plumber can install the new water softener in the location of your choice, such as placing the unit near an existing electrical outlet and drain. If you want the unit placed far away from existing hookups, the cost of installation may be higher if a new outlet or new plumbing is needed as well.

Keep Up With Maintenance

If you don't choose a maintenance contract for your softener, learn what you need to do to keep your appliance in good shape. Use the recommended type of salt and keep an eye on the level so you can fill the softener when salt is needed. You should also learn how to clean the softener and resin bed. Consult your manual to learn how to maintain the water softener so it has a long life. Contact water softener service for more information.