Preparing For Winter

1 July 2020
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As winter approaches, you want to make sure your home is prepared for those colder temperatures. Some of the areas of concern you are going to have with regards to preparing your home for the winter will include ensuring your pipes will get through those freezing days and nights, making sure you will have hot water for the duration of the winter, and keeping your heating system in good working order to ensure the house can be kept comfortably warm for the winter months that lie ahead. Here are tips on how to achieve all three of these things. 

Preparing pipes for the winter

Have a plumber come look at your plumbing before the winter coldness arrives. They can check out the condition of your pipes and tend to the things that need to be repaired, replaced, or otherwise improved upon in order to make sure the plumbing will do well during the colder weather. Pipes that show signs of weakness should be replaced. Pipes that are going to be exposed to the colder outside temperatures will need to be insulated in order to avoid them freezing, which can lead to them bursting as the ice in them starts to melt. 

Keep the water heater in good shape

You want to have the water heater inspected by a plumber before winter shows up as well. Another thing you should think about having them do when they come out to your home is draining the water heater. Draining it and refilling it will remove the sediment that collects in the tank. This will help decrease the chances of ending up with problems during the winter, when your hot water will be even more appreciated by those in the household. Have any new sounds looked at right away because they can be telling you there are problems, and putting them off can cause issues. If the water heater is old or has been giving you more problems lately, think about having it replaced with a tankless one that will give you hot water without you running the risk of the hot water running out during the winter, causing some to take cold showers. A tankless heater continuously heats water as it is requested, which makes it a great choice that you'll like most when it's cold. 

Keep the heater working

You want to have the heating system inspected before you start putting it to use when the temperature gets colder. Any issues, such as parts that are messing up or leaks that are in the ducts, should be taken care of before you run the unit. Also, be sure you follow the advice you are given on how to take care of the heating elements for the next year.

To learn more, contact a heating contractor.