What To Do If The Base Of The Toilet Starts Leaking

19 March 2020
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All kinds of leaks are possible when it comes to toilets, but one of the most disturbing might be when a leak forms under the toilet. This kind of leak can damage your flooring quickly, so it's important for you to take action. Here's what you should do in this situation.

Avoid Using the Toilet

If at all possible, stop using the toilet immediately. The water that's leaking out of the base of the toilet is waste water — otherwise known as what you're flushing down the toilet whenever you use it. Every time you use the toilet, this water will continue to pool. If you have a linoleum or tiled floor, you may not even be able to see all of the leak. The leak could be forming primarily under the floor with only some of it coming up over the edge. This leak will damage your flooring and, frankly, is gross to deal with, so if you have another toilet, stick to using that one for now.

Clean Carefully

Cleaning is a necessity in this situation in order to avoid damage to your flooring and any other things you might have on the floor, like a sink cabinet or clothing hamper.

When you clean the floor, do your best to not touch anything that's coming out from under the toilet. Even if the water looks clean, keep in mind that it's simply diluted whatever was most recently flushed down your toilet. This means that it's teeming with bacteria and is unsafe for you handle unprotected.

Ideally, you'll want to wear gloves to clean up this mess. A mop will also let you keep your distance. Do your best to sop up the majority of the water, and then call a plumber.

Contact a Plumber

Your plumber will arrive and will assess the problem. If it's like most base of toilet leaks, it's not going to be a solution that a homeowner can easily perform themselves, so it's best to get professional help here.

Your plumber will remove the toilet entirely and examine both the flooring and the drain to determine what's going on. This is where you'll want to inspect the floor to ensure that no serious damage has been done.

If the toilet and the drain seem to be okay, your plumber will fix the problem by remounting the toilet and adding a new sealant to the base so that it no longer leaks. With the sealant in place, anything you flush should only go down the drain and won't pool anymore.

For more information about plumbing problems like toilet leaks, contact a local plumber.