3 Causes Of Clogged Drains

2 August 2016
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Among the many problems that can cause you a headache in the plumbing department, clogged drains are among the most common. Luckily, they're also among the easiest problems to identify and prevent. Read on and discover just a few of the most common causes of clogged drains, and learn just a few ways to take measures against such problems from occurring.

Food and Cooking Oil

Although many people associate clogged drains with the bathroom and the bathroom alone, your kitchen sink can just as easily become clogged. Cooking oil and food are two of the main culprits when it comes to your kitchen sink becoming the victim of a clog. Under no circumstances should either of these items be allowed to travel down your drain. Not only can cooking oil serve as the catalyst for a clog, but it can also cause structural damage to your piping. Food is also not meant to travel down your pipes, unless you have a garbage disposal. When combined with soap, food can turn into a gunky substance that sticks to the walls of your pipes and creates water blockades.

Soap and Soap Scum

It might sound counter-intuitive that a thing that is so readily involved with cleanliness can clog up your drain, but it is most certainly true. This is especially the case if your house has hard water, which can combine with soap to make a gunky substance that will stick to the lining of your pipes and eventually harden into a substance known as soap scum. There are a few preventative measures that you can take towards ridding yourself of soap scum. Instead of using hard bar soap, it is recommended that you use hand sanitizer or a liquid soap. You can also approach the matter a bit differently by purchasing a water softener for use in your bathroom or kitchen. This will prevent your water from creating soap scum.


Hair can also serve to create clogs in your home. Whether it's the hair on your body going down the drain during a shower, or clippings from shavings going down the sink, hair can create conditions that will ultimately block your drains. Much like soap scum, when combined with soap or shampoo, hair can create a thick, gunky substance that can be even more damaging to your drains than it otherwise would be. You can prevent hair from traveling down your drains by purchasing a hair strainer. This will catch all of the stray hair that would normally travel down your drain. 

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