How To Tell When A Submersible Well Pump Has Problems

6 June 2016
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Has there been less water flowing into your house from the well than usual? It is possible that the problem stems from the submersible well pump needing a repair. If you have had the pump for a long time, it may have become worn out and need to be replaced. Take a look at this article to learn how you can tell when a submersible well pump should be repaired.

1. The Pump Runs in a Sporadic Manner

A submersible well pump should not turn on and off in a sporadic manner. It is possible that the sporadic behavior from the pump is due to there being a leak in the discharge line. Getting the discharge line repaired by a contractor might fix the problem with the pump running in a sporadic manner. Another thing that can cause a submersible well pump to run sporadically is a defective pressure switch. The pressure switch can be replaced if it is defective.

2. Circuit Breakers Trip a Lot

If your submersible well pump has been causing the circuit breakers to trip, you might want to stop using it until a repair is made. It is possible that the motor to the pump has been overheating, which can be a fire hazard. One of the things that can cause the pump motor to overheat is not having enough amps in the electrical panel to handle the power demands of the pump. You can get the electrical panel upgraded to fix the problem. Faulty wires that are connected to the pump can also lead to circuit breakers tripping, and you should get them repaired in a timely manner.

3. The Motor Stops Working

It is possible that the contacts between the pump and pressure switch are dirty, which can be the reason for the motor not coming on. The contacts are the parts that help the pressure switch signal the pump to come on or turn off. If the contracts are not the cause of the motor not coming on, it is possible that the pressure switch is just damaged from normal wear and tear. If the pressure switch or contacts are in good shape, the motor might be worn out beyond repair and simply need to be replaced to resolve the problem with your pump. Make an appointment with a well company such as Washington Pump & Drilling so a professional can inspect your submersible well pump to find out if you need to purchase a new one or not.