Two Tips For Managing Clogged Pipes

30 March 2016
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A clogged drain can cause plumbing backups and flooding problems inside your home. Unfortunately, this is a problem that you will likely have to address at some point or another. While clogs are fairly common, some homeowners will make routine plumbing mistakes that can make clogs more likely to form or cause the damages from them to be worse than necessary. To minimize these risks, you should keep the following couple of plumbing tips in mind.

Rinse The Garbage Disposal After Each Use

A garbage disposal is a common kitchen tool that can make cleaning your dishes far easier. However, some people fail to realize that they should thoroughly rinse the garbage disposal after each use. When these devices are used, it is possible for pieces of food to get stuck to the blades or along the sides of the pipes, and if these materials are not removed, they can quickly cause the pipes to become clogged. You can help to avoid this problem by making sure to thoroughly rinse the garbage disposal by turning on the faucet to the hottest setting. It is important to use hot water for this task as it will help to loosen sticky substances that may be stuck to the garbage disposal or pipes.

Use Boiling Water Instead Of Harsh Chemical Clog Removers

When a home is unfortunate enough to develop a clogged drain, it is common for homeowners to purchase chemical clog removers to repair this problem. Unfortunately, these substances contain extremely harsh chemicals that can damage the pipes or seals in your plumbing system. As a result, you may find that your attempts to repair the clog have resulted in a serious leak forming.

You can help to address clogs without this risk by using boiling water because the hot water down a clogged drain can help to force clogs from the pipes. However, this may not be completely effective for extremely difficult clogs. In these situations, you should use the hot water to loosen the clog before using a plunger to finish the repair. If these options fail, you should contact a plumber as they will have a drain snake that can be used to pull the clog from the pipe.

Clogged drains are a fairly common problem that homeowners will need to repair. In addition to compromising the performance of your home's plumbing, these issues can lead to standing water in the pipes, which can contribute to foul odors. If you appreciate the benefits of rinsing the garbage disposal and using hot water to remove clogs, you can be better able to quickly address this problem when it strikes your home.

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