Don't Keep Flushing That Clogged Toilet – Here's What To Do Instead

30 March 2016
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Even in the privacy of home, it's easy to feel more than a little embarrassed when your toilet clogs. This embarrassment can often cause panic to set in, and you might find yourself furiously flushing the toilet – and subsequently dealing with an unpleasant overflowing issue that takes a great deal of time to clean up. While your local licensed plumber can help you with toilet clogs, there are some steps to attempt – and some to avoid – first if you want to resolve the problem on your own. It's best to remain calm and take a methodical approach. Unless the blockage is major or located in the home's drain pipe, you can often deal with it yourself.

Don't Simply Pour Drain Cleaner Into The Bowl

Drain cleaner can be a valuable ally when it comes to dealing with stubborn drains, but this harsh chemical won't help you with a toilet is backed up. While you might be tempted to add some of the cleaner to the water and hope that it works its magic, the water will only dilute the chemical and nothing will happen – except the volume in your bowl will be even greater.

Turn To A Plunger

A toilet plunger is a valuable ally to help break up a clog and allow the toilet to flush, but you shouldn't simply plunge wildly and flush the toilet right away. Patiently push the plunger into the bowl and position it so that it forms a seal against the hole. If the water level in the toilet is high, you can scoop some of it out with an old pail. Plunge gently and keep your ears alert – when the clog is freed up, you'll often hear water whooshing through the opening and you might even see the water level decrease.

Use Time To Your Advantage

If you don't have a toilet plunger and you're not yet ready to call a professional, it's time to get creative. In some cases, a clogged toilet that's left for a period of hours will actually sort itself out – the water can soften the clog, depending on its nature, and you might be able to flush the toilet again. Don't simply attempt this approach unless the water level is low enough that you're confident flushing the toilet won't lead to an overflow. If it's not low, it's advisable to scoop out as much of the water as you can. If this method doesn't work, it's time to call your plumber.