Waiting On The Plumber

29 March 2016
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You are in the midst of a plumbing emergency, and you feel the icy clutch of true panic. Your toilet may be overflowing or a pipe may have burst in your basement. Perhaps your old water heater has blown up and is flooding your laundry room. Although you may feel helpless, you can take a few actions to minimize damage and prepare for the expert.

Shut It Down

This step may seem obvious, but when you are in the middle of a water crisis, you may forget to take the basic step of shutting off your home's water supply. If you do not know where this shut-off valve is, learn its location today. You should shut the water down as soon as a problem is evident. In some instances, you will be able to just shut off the water supply to the affected fixture, such as the toilet or the sink. If your hot water heater is leaking, you can simply turn off the "isolation" valve and still have access to your cold water. Sometimes, however, your only safe option is to turn off all the water.

Electrical Dangers

Depending on where the water or sewage problem is located, you may be exposed to the risk of shocks or even electrocution. If water is freely flowing throughout your home, you should go to your fuse box and switch off the electricity as well. When it comes to this danger, you should be safe instead of sorry.

Mopping Up

You may want to immediately begin the cleanup, but you should wait until serious leaks, toilet overflows, or burst water heaters are contained. If not, you will basically be rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, ignoring the real problem while getting in the way of repairs in the meantime. Once the water or sewage stops flowing, you can use towels, rags, mops, etc. to get up the worst of it. You may need to use a wet vac for additional help. In the worst situations, you may need to contact a water damage firm to restore your home.

When your home is flooding or experiencing some other plumbing emergency, it may be difficult for you to stay focused while you wait for expert emergency help. You should not stay idle while you wait for the plumber to arrive. You can help your cause by turning off the water and electricity and gathering towels and rags for the cleanup after the emergency has passed. For more information, contact a company like Tidewater Plumbing & Heating