Replace Your Company's Broken Toilet In 7 Simple Steps

29 March 2016
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If your small business has an old toilet that is a water waster, then you will be happy to learn that replacing it is a straightforward task. Even if you do not have any commercial plumbing experience, with a few simple tools and a willing spirit, you can remove the old toilet and replace it with a water-saving model.

To complete this project you need the following:

  • a replacement toilet

  • a new flanged wax ring

  • an adjustable wrench

  • a small putty knife

  • cotton rags

Follow these seven simple steps to replace the broken toilet in your business:

Step 1: Close off the supply line that feeds water into your toilet's tank. Turn the valve all the way to the left and then remove the supply line from the back of the toilet.

Step 2: To remove the water from the toilet, flush it a few times until both the tank and the bowl are empty. Dry both pieces with a rag to keep them from dripping when you remove them.

Step 3: Lift off the toilet tank portion of the toilet and take it outside for disposal. Using your adjustable wrench, remove the two nuts on the base of the toilet. Once removed, lift the toilet off of the floor bolts and take it outside for disposal.

Step 4: Using your putty knife, scrape the old toilet's wax ring off of the drain pipe. Place the wax ring into a trash bag and toss it into your regular business trash. Put the new wax ring into place with its flange pointed down into the drain.

Step 5: Set the new toilet on top of the new wax ring and over the floor attachment bolts. Screw the nuts back on to the bolts to hold the toilet in place. Do not over-tighten the bolts or you could crack your new toilet. Lift the new toilet's tank into place and set it on the back portion of the toilet bowl.

Step 6: Attach the water line to the new toilet and turn on the water supply valve. This will allow the toilet to fill up with clean water.

Step 7: Finally, flush the toilet a few times and wait for about half an hour to check for leaks around the base of the toilet. If you find a leak, then you need to remove the toilet, replace the wax ring, and put the toilet back into place. If there are no leaks, then you can use your new toilet just as you did the old one.