Landscaping Around Your Air Conditioning Unit This Spring? Follow These Tips

29 March 2016
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While landscaping around an air conditioner isn't usually a great challenge, installing the wrong type of landscaping around your air conditioner can cause problems. Knowing how to avoid those problems will help you beautify your yard and protect your air conditioning this summer.

Leave Distance Between Shrubs and Structures

Air conditioners need adequate airflow around the condenser in order to release hot air from your home. Your air conditioner needs at least 2 feet of space between itself and structures or shrubs. If you're thinking about putting up a fence or a wall of shrubs around your air conditioner condenser, leave a two foot space around your air conditioner to prevent it from overheating and to ensure that your air conditioner repair person will have enough space to walk around the condenser when it's time to make repairs.

Use Rock Mulch, Not Wood

Mulch is good for your air conditioner because it prevents weeds from growing too close to your air conditioner. That said, mulch made of wood can be problematic because when carried on the wind, it can clog the condenser fins and dirty the condenser coils. Rock mulch is much better for your air conditioner because rocks stay grounded, even in wind and during summer storms.

Choose Your Plants Carefully

Choosing the right plants for the area around your A/C is important. Avoid annual flowers because they die after one season, producing a lot of dead stems, airborne seeds and organic debris, all of which are likely to get caught in your air conditioner condenser. In addition, fast-growing plants and ground cover can also be a problem because they must be pruned frequently in order to be kept away from the air conditioner. Slow-growing perennials, like English boxwood shrubs, are better plants for the space around your condenser.

Trees can be very helpful when planted an appropriate distance from the air conditioner condenser, because they shade the condenser in warm weather. Avoid trees that loose their leaves at the end of the growing season, to prevent the leaves from getting stuck in the fins of the condenser. If you want to plant trees, turn to evergreen trees, like spruce, because they retain their needles for many years.

Following these tips will help you landscape around your air conditioner this spring and summer. For more tips that will help you protect your A/C unit, talk to a reputable air conditioner repair person. He or she can give you suggestions that will help you put appropriate landscaping around your air conditioner.

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