Get A New Refrigerator With An Ice Machine? Learn About Your Water Line Options

29 March 2016
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If you recently upgraded your kitchen's refrigerator, you may have decided to get a model that has a built in ice machine. It is a wonderful convenience that can make it easy to cool down a beverage quickly. Unfortunately, you most likely do not have an existing water line for your ice machine. Do not stress out about it, because adding a water line to your refrigerator is easy. You'll first need to pick between these three materials for the water line before you can have it installed.


A plastic water line will be easy to cut and flexible, which makes installation a breeze. The material will also be cheap when compared to the others you have to pick from.

The downfall to using a plastic water line is that it has the potential to suddenly break or crack. It could cause an unexpected water leak if it were to happen. The plastic can also become brittle and weak over time, which can cause the need for replacement after using it for a while.

Only get a plastic water line if you are on a budget and plan on inspecting the material occasionally.


Copper is a great material for connecting your ice machine to a water source. The installation is more involved than plastic since the line is not flexible at all. Individual pieces will need to be cut for each bend along the path to your refrigerator.

Thankfully, copper is durable and strong, so it has a low chance of leaking over the years. Just be mindful about if the water line needs to be installed against an exterior wall. On very cold days during the winter, the water line has the potential to freeze and burst.

Copper will work best when the installation requires a very straight path with a refrigerator on an interior wall.

Braided Steel

You most likely have this kind of water line in your house, since it is commonly used to connect toilets and sinks to water sources. The material is very strong, with the braided nature of the material causing it to be flexible as well. You'll have no issues connecting a refrigerator to this type of water line.

If you need help installing your refrigerator's water line, contact plumbers in your area. They can supply the material and perform the labor, so you'll be making an endless supply of ice before you know it.