The Best Places For Your Appliances

28 March 2016
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If you have a basement, you probably place your water heater and washer/dryer there. However, you should have several options for appliance placement that might serve you as well or better. Experts suggest that some placements are safer and/or more efficient for your home, so you should consider all your choices before installing these items. 

Water Heater

Even if you have a basement, placing your water heater out in the garage may be your best choice. If your water heater springs a leak, your home will be safe from most of the water damage. When the water heater experiences a major problem indoors, you may have extensive and expensive water damage to your flooring and walls. In many instances, you will need to build a stand 18 inches above the garage floor for your water heater in order to satisfy local building codes. Do not attach this stand to the wall; otherwise, a leak can penetrate inside your home and cause the very damage you were trying to avoid. If you have to place the water heater inside, you need a spot with proper ventilation and an empty "buffer zone" between it and other items. 

Washer and Dryer

If you are choosing which space to make a laundry room, experts suggest putting it off of your kitchen, largely due to convenience. If you have a family, much of your time and theirs is probably spent there, either preparing meals, doing homework, or simply talking. Having the laundry room nearby is easier, unless you have several bedrooms upstairs as well. Then you may want to install a laundry chute. Of course, the noise of these appliances may be disturbing to you. The best solution for that issue is to place the washer and dryer in the basement. You will need to provide enough ventilation to help avoid fires wherever you place the dryer, although most dryer fires are caused by poor maintenance, such as failing to clean out the lint trap. Having the dryer next to the kitchen might inspire you to take care of this task more often simply because you will look at it more often.

Choosing where to place your major appliances can make a big difference in your home. You want them to be convenient but also placed for maximum safety. You will need to think about what an appliance failure might do to your floors or walls. Consider how to make your life easier while protecting your home and family from these malfunctions. Contact a business, such as Pride Plumbing, for more information.