Plumbing Problems Pets Might Cause And How To Avoid Them

28 March 2016
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While not all plumbing problems can be blamed on your pets, some pet-related issues can be easily avoided. Your lifestyle and pet care choices might inadvertently be causing plumbing issues that can be prevented. Here are three common plumbing problems that might be stemming from your pet, and how to avoid them.

1. Flushing Litter and Pet Wipes

Even if kitty litter or pet wipes say that they can be flushed, it is best to throw these in the garbage. Depending on the age of your plumbing, it isn't worth it to risk a back-up in your toilet from items that can easily be discarded. It can be tempting in an apartment situation to want to quickly get rid of stinky messes or emergency wipes, but these can cause bigger issues in shared plumbing situations. Don't make your toilet work overtime with pet products that might not break down properly and can cause major damage to your plumbing.

2. Indoor Bath Days

If you pamper your dog and wash them in the sink or the tub, their fur can quickly clog up your drains and block up your system. Even if you keep up with brushing, your dog can lose quite a bit of hair with shampooing. It is a good idea to stop fur before this all ends up down the drain. Invest in some drain catchers that fit the tub or sink you usually use for doggy spa time. This can catch all of the loose hairs from your pooch and will keep your drains free and clear from pet-related clogs.

3. Dogs and Exposed Pipes

Just like electrical wiring, exposed pipes might be too hard for your curious dog to pass up. PVC piping might be found by dogs either inside or outside of the home and should all be hidden behind cabinets or covered. If you have a dog that loves to dig, keep an eye on pipes underground as well. Put a planter or statue over trouble areas in your yard to keep your dog from finding and chewing on pipes, doing damage to your plumbing.

Pet-related plumbing issues can be a pain, but most of these problems can be avoided with a little foresight. Keep your pets safe and watch out for your plumbing when it comes to damages that might be caused by pet routines, habits, or supplies. Plumbing issues might still come up there and there, so be sure to bring in a professional plumber if you do run into bigger issues with clogs or broken pipes. For more information, go to sites that specialize in plumbing services.