Got A Sewer System And Trees? You May Need A Rooting Service

25 March 2016
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Sewer systems and many trees do not get along with each other, as the roots from the trees can damage the sewer pipes. One way to take care of this problem is using a rooting service. Keep reading to learn more about this, so you can ensure your sewer pipes stay healthy.

Sewer Pipes

There are different types of sewer pipes, but two stand out as the best to use for sewer plumbing. One type is cast iron, which can withstand 4,877 pounds of pressure per linear foot. PVC piping is not as strong, but it is used in many homes. This is mainly because it is easy to install, resistant to corrosion, and has a low heat conductivity. Because the insides of PVC piping are slick, tree roots have nothing to hang on to. 

Rooting Service

A rooting service is done by a plumber. They can look into the pipes to see if there are any tree roots damaging them. They do this by using a waterproof video camera. This camera is on a flexible rod that will travel through the pipes so the plumber can see if there are any roots in the sewer pipes. The camera can go around corners very easily so the plumber can see everything.

If the plumber sees any roots in the pipes, they will use a mechanical augur to cut the roots and remove them. They will then put chemical agents down the pipes to kill any roots that are left so no more roots will grow into the pipes again. These chemicals do not hurt the sewer pipes.

Symptoms of Roots in Sewer Pipes

There are many symptoms that tell you that you have roots in your sewer pipes. If there is standing water in your yard where your sewer pipes are located, then there is some blockage there. You may also have clogged drains inside your home, toilets that flush slowly, and odor coming from your faucets. If you have a clogged drain and try to clear it out yourself using a plunger or a type of chemical and it will not go away, this is a big sign that you have a problem.

How to Prevent Tree Roots

Besides installing plastic PVC piping, do not plant trees with large roots near the sewer pipes. If there are trees there now, you should hire a tree service to remove them. Some trees have very shallow roots that will not move into the pipes, so they will be okay to plant there.

Have a company, such as All Clear Pumping & Sewer, check your sewer pipes yearly to make sure you do not have a problem.