Common Furnace Maintenance Questions Answered

25 March 2016
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Having a furnace in your home is a common way of ensuring that it stays comfortable throughout the long winters. However, it should be noted that these devices can require regular care to keep them functioning correctly and efficiently. For homeowners with limited experience owning furnaces, the number of problems that these devices can experience may be overwhelming. To help you better meet the needs of your furnace, you should consider the answers to these common furnace maintenance questions.

What Can You Do For A Damaged Heat Exchanger?

The heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of any furnace-powered heating system. This is the component that will transfer the heat from the furnace's combustion so that it can be distributed throughout the house. Due to the extreme temperatures and stresses that this component must endure, it is common for problems to arise. In particular, cracks and holes can form in this component, which can cause serious safety problems for your house because this can allow dangerous gases and fumes to escape.

Unfortunately, there can be no simple way of repairing a damaged heat exchanger. Rather, this problem can only be corrected by completely replacing the damaged piece, and considering the costs involved, it is often more economical to simply replace the entire furnace.

How Do You Maintain Your Furnace's Exterior Vent?

In order for the needed combustion to occur, the furnace must have an ample source of air. To this end, elaborate ventilation systems are needed, but these systems can experience clogs. This often happens on the exterior vent because birds may nest or other debris may gather in the vent. Avoiding this problem will require you to regularly inspect and clean the exterior vent. Ideally, this should be done every couple of months. Also, you should consider installing a mesh screen over the vent to help discourage birds from comfortably nesting and to prevent debris from accumulating in the vent. In addition to this step, you should also have the duct leading to the vent professionally cleaned every couple of years. This will remove any grime and residue that is gathering on the interior before clogs can form.

A home's heating system is one of the most vital parts of the house. Without a functioning heating system, you may find that the house is dangerously cold during the winter. By understanding the dangers of a damaged heat exchanger and how to protect your furnace's exterior vent, you will be in a better position for ensuring that your heater works throughout the cold seasons.

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