4 Ways To Keep A Portable Toilet Smelling Fresh

25 March 2016
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If you are planning to rent a portable toilet for your outdoor event, it is important to ensure that the toilet smells fresh. Most people dread the thought of using a portable toilet due to the odors associated with the unit. Here are a few things you can do to keep a portable toilet smelling fresh:

Have an attendant on hand.

One way to ensure that the portable potty remains fresh is to have a person assigned to clean it after each use. This may seem cumbersome, but even if the cleaning is minimal, it can make a big difference in lessening odors. A simple wipe down of the floor and toilet seat with a bleach-based disinfectant can ensure that germs are minimized and odors are discouraged.

A portable toilet floor can harbor a large number of odors in a short amount of time. Shoes that have become damp from walking on wet grass or soil can transform a portable toilet floor into a moist breeding environment for germs. In addition, if there is no urinal attached or included in the portable toilet unit, there may be drips of the liquid waste on the floor. Bleach will help neutralize the urine smell and keep the portable unit odor-free.

Place disinfecting deodorizing spray in the unit.

Your guests are likely to spray disinfecting deodorizer into the air if it is readily available in the portable unit. Look for scents that most people don't find as offensive, such as citrus or berry fragrances. It is best not to choose heavily perfumed floral scents, which some people may find overwhelming.

If the deodorizing spray is also disinfecting, it can help lessen the number of germs in the unit.

Place a bowl of potpourri in the unit.

Potpourri offers a lasting scent and can also add a decorative touch to the portable toilet. It is best to make the portable toilet environment as much like that of an indoor toilet as possible. 

Purchase the right deodorizer for your portable toilet.

The commercial chemicals used to deodorize portable toilets are available in multiple scents. It is important to ensure that the scent that you choose is one that most people find pleasant.

Deodorizing products for portable toilets include fragrances, such as vanilla and pine. These chemical deodorizers are usually available as a liquid or a powder. Often, the deodorizers are already properly proportioned so all you have to do is drop a packet into the tank of the unit.

For more ways to keep your portable toilet smelling fresh, contact a portable toilet distributor in your area such as Walters Portable Toilets.