Differences Between Copper And PEX Piping For Home Plumbing Systems

20 January 2016
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When the time comes for you to fix your plumbing problems for good by hiring a plumber, from a location like Clean Plumbers BY Phillip Maurici Plumbing Inc, to repipe your house, you may be faced with a question regarding the type of pipes you would prefer. Your two main options will probably be copper or PEX piping, and you may have no clue which to choose. Here are some of the differences that you may want to know before you make this big decision.

The material

Copper piping has been used for many years for plumbing, whereas PEX piping is relatively new. Copper piping is made of copper, as the name suggests, and PEX piping is made from polyethylene, and it is a flexible material. It is commonly used for radiant floor heating systems, but it is also becoming popular for plumbing systems in homes.

The cost

There is usually a big cost difference with copper and PEX piping, and you are likely to find that PEX piping is much cheaper. This is because the material itself costs a lot less than copper, but it is also because of the labor. PEX is considered an easier material to work with compared to copper. This is primarily because of its flexible material, but it is also because fewer fittings are needed with PEX. Plumbers are able to bend PEX to fit around corners, whereas copper must be heated in order to bend.

Because of this, you may find that the cost of the entire job will be a lot cheaper if you choose PEX piping instead of copper.


The second thing to consider about these two materials is the quality and durability of each. Copper is a great material for plumbing for several reasons. For one, bacteria has a hard time growing in it, because of the atmosphere is offers. It is also great for plumbing because it does not corrode, unless it is exposed to water with highly acidic pH levels.

PEX is also a good material for several different reasons. One of these is that it is more efficient when it comes to heat loss. When hot water runs through copper pipes, some of the heat can escape. This is not as big of an issue with PEX piping though, because PEX piping is a better insulator. Another benefit of PEX is that it will not burst as quickly as copper if the pipes are exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

PEX piping is typically considered more durable than copper, and it lasts for around 50 years. Copper can last almost as long, but it tends to wear out fairly quicker than PEX if the water in the home is hard.

After reviewing these factors about each material, you may be able to decide which is right for you. To learn more about your options and costs involved, contact a plumbing company that offers home repiping services.