How Air Duct Cleaning Can Help With Air Conditioning System Efficiency

22 May 2015
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Does your air conditioner run for hours on hot days without putting out a sufficient amount of cold air? Resolving the problem may be as simple as getting your air ducts cleaned, which may involve the coils getting cleaned as well. Find out below how clean air ducts can help with air conditioner efficiency, as well as what you will be charged to hire a professional to clean them.

How Can Clean Air Ducts Help with the Efficiency of an Air Conditioner?

Clean air ducts are vital for the efficiency of your air conditioning system, as air won't flow smoothly if they are dirty. More than dirt can accumulate in the air ducts, as mold and droppings from rodents can also interfere with the flow of air. Rodent carcasses can reside in your air ducts as well. Getting the ducts cleaned will allow you to get more air out of the vents and get rid of allergens.

Depending on what you pay for, a professional can also clean the coils to your air conditioning system when the ducts are cleaned. A dirty evaporator coil can be why the air circulating in your house is not that cold. The evaporator coil is actually the most important aspect of an air conditioner, as it is where warm air is cooled down. Basically, the system coolant transforms into gas and makes the metal coil cold. Warm air passes through the coil and touches the metal to produce cold air, but the air can remain warm if dirt is covering the coil.

A professional will have to disassemble the air ducts in order to give them a thorough cleaning. He or she will also use commercial tools and equipment to get the job done. You may have a difficult time trying to clean the ducts and coils on your own, so leave it to a professional.

What Does a Professional Charge to Clean Air Ducts?

You are looking to get charged a minimum of at least $400 for a professional to clean the air ducts. However, you can be charged as much as $1,000 if you want more than the air ducts cleaned. It is in your best interest to get more than the air ducts cleaned if you want good system efficiency.

You should be able to feel the full effect of your air conditioner without having to run it all day. Hire a professional like one from Neffsville Plumbing & Heating Services to clean your air ducts and coils to see if the air conditioner will be more efficient!