Possessed Toilet? A Guide To Removing Those Clogging Demons

19 May 2015
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Toilets are a crucial part of every home, and a backed up toilet can cause major issues. A clogged toilet signals a problem with your plumbing system. While different types of clogs require different tools, most clogs are easily handled with a plunger or a snake.  Here are some ways to remove the clogs from your toilet.


Plunging a toilet can easily be done with the proper tools. You just have to center the middle of a plunger into the drain hole inside the toilet bowl. From there, you press down and pull up to remove the clog by creating suction. Alternate between small, slow suctions and large ones to remove the clog from the pipe. The suction pulls the clog from out of the pipes. You may need to flush and repeat the plunging action a few times to unclog your toilet.


Snaking a drain takes patience and time. A plumbing snake is a long piece of coil with a hook at the end. Carefully place the hooked end into the drain and snake it down into the plumbing pipes. When you feel the clog, gently try to hook it. When you feel that you have it connected, gently pull it out. This is ideal to use when keys, or other foreign objects are trapped within the pipes of your toilet drain that a plunger is not able to get up. If you do not feel comfortable snaking the toilet, speak with a professional plumber that is trained to do this type of work.

Remove and Locate

Pulling the entire toilet up may have to be done if the snake is not able to grab the item, and the plunger cannot wiggle it free. You can try and replace the toilet or hire a plumber to do so. The toilet will need to be unscrewed from the floor and lifted off of the wax seal. From there, the clog can be removed either from the toilet bottom, or a snake may be needed for the drain tube under the toilet.

If all else fails, or you cannot remove the clog on your own, you'll have to speak with a professional plumber. They are more equipped and knowledgeable regarding this matter. Most plumbers even have tools equipped with cameras they can stick into your plumbing system to locate the problem. There is no reason for you to live another day with clogging demons when you can hire a professional to find, diagnose, and fix the problem for you.